Unstoppable: How Kevin Hancock of Hancock Lumber was Able to Thrive Despite Spasmodic Dysphonia

In this interview, Kevin Hancock talks about how he was able to find positivity and strength through his diagnosis of Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD). By changing his mindset and prospective, Kevin was able to see his diagnosis as a gift which allowed him to begin listening to the ideas of others. When he began listening, he heard ideas that showed him that each employee had the capability of being a leader. His leadership style became one that fostered the growth of others.

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A Lesson in Leadership From the CEO of One of America’s Oldest Companies

In this interview, Kevin Hancock is asked specifically about his leadership style and how it differs from others. They also speak about how important your authentic voice is and why it is important to listen without judgment. Kevin highlights the importance of hearing voices besides your own, especially as a leader. By engaging others, their voice can start to be heard and they can become leaders as well.

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Business Community Building: We’re All in it Together

In the Workable article “Business Community Building: We’re All in it Together,” Kevin Hancock is interviewed among other business leaders about the importance of clarity in the COVID-19 pandemic. Kevin speaks about the need of the company to follow the lead of the people connected to it. This unification of employees creates a deep connection. The article goes on to interview others on the same topic, highlighting the strength of togetherness during this unique, difficult time.

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How to Talk to Your Boss About Your New Work-From-Home Challenges

In this article, Kevin weighs in on how to communicate with your manager about balancing work and family. During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people found themselves working from home and finding the work/life balance very difficult. Kevin highlights that no one is alone in this new struggle. Everyone is in this together and experiencing true disruption. Speaking to your boss about your newfound difficulties is an important part of drawing boundaries.

“Bosses need to hear the truth about what employees are feeling and it’s a disservice to yourself to keep your personal needs on the sideline.” – Kevin Hancock

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7 Signs That Say You Have the Mindset of a Great Leader

Centralized power and decision-making control is out. Shared leadership is in.

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Culture Makes the Difference: Great People are Everywhere, Great Cultures Aren’t

Written by Kevin Hancock, “Culture Makes the Difference” explores the differences between companies and what are the key differentials between them.

“Culture makes the difference.  An organization’s culture either creates an environment where great people can flourish, or an environment where people are frustrated, held back, or stymied. 

What makes one corporate culture different from another?  To me, it’s all about control and where it lives.  Some organizations collect leadership power into the bureaucratic center, where a few people can make the majority of the decisions for the many.  This is the traditional model of business—and government—leadership and, during a period of time in human history, this may have been optimal.  But, that time has passed.” – Kevin Hancock 

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CEO Kevin Hancock Lost His Voice, But Gained a New, Wildly Successful Management Style

In this podcast, Kevin Hancock speaks with Monday Morning Radio host Dean Rotbart about his new book The Seventh Power: One CEO’s Journey Into the Business of Shared Leadership. Kevin and Dean discuss the employee-centric model that Hancock Lumber has adopted and how Kevin came to the realization that this was the path he wanted the business to take. By prioritizing his employees and their voices and ideas, Kevin has been able to foster an environment of shared leadership throughout the company.

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Here are a few highlights from the podcast (click here for the full transcription):

  • They already had great solutions and they didn’t really actually need a CEO centric or a supervisory centric directive. They knew what to do, all they really needed was a bit of encouragement and a culture to trust their instinct and lead. (4:55-5:17)
  • And while that’s true today as well, we’re going about it in a very different way. We’re trying to build employee commitment to the company through corporate commitment first to the employees. (20:11-20:28)
  • So our company’s systems and processes and discipline have strengthened as a result of giving everybody a voice, not weakened because by and large, people feel like they’re valued participants in discussing, revising, and improving those systems and best practices. (30:46-31:12)

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Finding Your Voice

In this video, Kevin Hancock speaks about his leadership style at Hancock Lumber and how it evolved. He believes that everyone should feel safe and comfortable sharing their authentic voice. When people are heard, they transform into leaders who can share their ideas and empower the voices of others.

“Leadership teams have the responsibility to create a work culture that makes it safe for people to say what they actually think. The success of the company is not the purpose of the company—it’s the result of engaging people the right way.” – Kevin Hancock

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The Single Most Important Idea in the History of Humans

In this video, Kevin Hancock speaks at the Legal Services Corporation board meeting about the importance of each individual having a voice. He goes on to share his journey to Pine Ridge and how he found his inner peace and self-actualization through his experiences there. Kevin connects the two ideas, sharing that when people are heard and can speak without judgment, they too can find self-actualization.

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Do More Good Conference 2019

In this video, Kevin Hancock speaks at the Do More Good Conference about his life story. From losing his voice to his spiritual quest to Pine Ridge, Kevin shares with the audience how he grew both internally and as a leader. He also delves into how he saw changes in Hancock Lumber and what he changed about the management style in the company.

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2017 Featured Speech at Builders Summit in Falmouth, ME

In this video, Kevin Hancock is the featured speaker at the 2017 Builders Summit. Here, Kevin shares the journey he began when his voice began to weaken. He speaks about Pine Ridge and how his time among the Lakota tribe began his healing journey. The lessons he learned there and within himself brought changes to Hancock Lumber. By sharing the leadership burden at Hancock Lumber and dispersing the power to all employees, the company has thrived. The employees feel that their voices are empowered and heard, which increases the value of their time at work.

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Strengthening the Voices of Others

In this article, Kevin Hancock shares his story about losing his voice and how his leadership style adapted to this major obstacle. By listening more to others, Kevin is able to preserve his voice and create a new employee-centric culture at Hancock Lumber.

“Leadership is about doing less, not more. It is about restraint. It is about holding the power but not using it. It’s about listening without judging or correcting. It is about being connected and aware of how others feel.” – Kevin Hancock

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Life Lessons Lead to LBM Changes at Hancock Lumber

Kevin Hancock’s journey of self discovery after losing his voice is brought to life in his new book Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse. Kevin’s quest brought him to the realization that the structure of Hancock Lumber could drastically change and improve employee engagement and job satisfaction.

“I thought, what if this came to an organization where everyone led and everyone had a voice and their opinion and perspectives mattered. That would be more powerful than an organization where just a few people led. Hancock Lumber has always been an organization where people’s opinions were valued, but we have taken that to another level. ” – Kevin Hancock

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