Shared Leadership with Kevin Hancock

In this video, Kevin Hancock speaks with Deliberate Directions host Allison Dunn about shared leadership and dispersed power. They discuss what prompted his leadership philosophy to change and how the company has benefitted from these changes. He discusses Hancock Lumber’s participation in the Best Places to Work in Maine surveys, as well as the outcome from the information gathered in those.

“When people are participating in the decision making processes, they are much more apt to support those decisions.” – Kevin Hancock

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Write Now with Kevin Hancock

In this article, Kevin Hancock shares his personal journey with writing and becoming an author. He answers questions about why, where, and when he started writing. He shares how he best overcomes writer’s block and what he enjoys doing besides writing. Kevin is able to share about why he is passionate about sharing his writing with people and his mission to help people find their own authentic voice.

“Sharing deeply personal experiences, learnings, and musings as a means to explore themes of relevance to all of humanity always feels deeply meaningful. When we open ourselves and become vulnerable we encourage others to do the same. When we look inward for truth and path we make it safe for others to do the same. Knowing that the writings of one person also belong to collective consciousness of all humans is motivating.”  – Kevin Hancock

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48 Whispers Q&A with Deborah Kalb

In this interview, Kevin Hancock speaks with Deborah Kalb about his book 48 Whispers. She asks questions to learn more about what inspired Kevin to write this book, what keeps drawing him back to Pine Ridge, and the messages for readers in the book. Kevin finishes by explaining “I have come to dedicate my work to the mission of strengthening the voices of others. Leadership in the 21st century must be about distributing power, not collecting it.”

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Interview with PatZi Gil – Joy on Paper Show

In this interview, Kevin Hancock speaks with PatZi Gil, host of the Joy on Paper Show, about his newest book, 48 Whispers. Kevin and PatZi speak about his trips to South Dakota, the inspiration behind the book, the Lakota tribe he befriended, and the nature he experienced. They speak about the Seventh Power, both the ideology in the Pine Ridge culture, and the book Kevin wrote. They finish the interview by speaking about the restorative power of nature and their love for trees and lumber.

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Here are a few highlights from the podcast (click here for the full transcription):

  • And yet that simple universal power of goodness lives within us all and it can still be transcended. And we can all bring it forth in an instant, every single human can bring goodness forth. (7:02-7:20)
  • The world in real life is more manageable than it is as viewed through a screen. In that writing, I encourage people a bit more to turn the TV off, turn the computer off, put the phone away and get out and immerse yourself in the world that’s right beside you. (8:30-8:53)
  • Aiding community cultures, where it’s safe for people to be their authentic selves, because when people are their authentic selves, that’s when they shine the brightest. (12:21-12:33)

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We Believe in Shared Leadership

In this article, Kevin Hancock is interviewed about his progressive view on shared leadership. He shares how the lumber industry is often misunderstood and seen as outdated, but he says this is inaccurate. Everything from the technology inside the sawmills to the culture fostered at the company is modern and innovative. Kevin explains more about why the shared leadership, employee-first company model has been so successful.

“The company focuses on the employee experience, and in doing so, positions employees to really create a world-class customer experience.” – Kevin Hancock

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A Butt-Kicking Project to Overcome the Drain of Talkative Leadership

This article highlights the downfalls that talkative leaders often use to justify their conversation monopoly and the negative impacts it can have on culture and engagement. It also gives an exercise that leaders can partake in to find out how often they take over entire conversations. Kevin Hancock’s story is shared through a video interview about how losing his voice changed his entire leadership style.

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