Keynote from the NHPA All-Industry Conference

Kevin Hancock recently keynoted the 2022 NHPA All-Industry Conference, co-located at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, part of a 3-day event featuring speakers and panels from industry experts and top-performing retailers. Attendees came away with numerous insights and best practices they can implement in their own businesses, including from Kevin Hancock’s keynote titled, “Employees First: Disrupting Assumptions for More Loyal Customers and Stronger Sales.”

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Family Business Magazine Conference Keynote


“Kevin spoke at our annual conference in Tampa – and hoo-boy, it is not a speech anyone will forget. His story is gripping. He is compelling. He gives a lot of himself and he give the audience a lot to think about. At the end of his talk, the entire audience erupted into a standing ovation. I’ve never seen that happen at a business conference.” – Amy Cosper, editor-in-chief, Family Business magazine (former Editor in Chief, Entrepreneur magazine)

Citrix Northeast Conference Keynote 2021

In this video, Kevin Hancock is the keynote speaker at the Citrix Northeast Conference. Kevin speaks the shared leadership model, dispersed power, and respecting all voices. Kevin’s ideas on these topics have an immeasurable change on workplace happiness, employee engagement, and the work/life balance.

“Work should enhance life – otherwise, what’s the point?” – Kevin Hancock

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ProDealer Industry Summit Presentation 2020

Kevin Hancock shares a keynote speech with the ProDealer Industry Summit in October 2020. In this presentation, Kevin highlights the importance of culture in the workplace, stressing that it is what makes the difference between companies and performance.

The ProDealer Industry Summit is an exclusive three-day educational forum designed to promote the growth of lumber & building product dealers, distributors, wholesalers, and the manufacturers who supply them. LBM dealers will benefit from sharing insights and best practices from industry leaders.

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Do More Good Conference 2019

In this video, Kevin Hancock speaks at the Do More Good Conference about his life story. From losing his voice to his spiritual quest to Pine Ridge, Kevin shares with the audience how he grew both internally and as a leader. He also delves into how he saw changes in Hancock Lumber and what he changed about the management style in the company.

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Embracing the Age of Shared Leadership

Kevin Hancock presented the keynote speech at the LBM Strategies Conference in 2018. The keynote highlights the importance of the Shared Leadership philosophy on employee engagement, job satisfaction, and culture.

The LBM Strategies Conference brings together LBM pros to address and share practical, tactical solutions to today’s toughest business challenges. LBM Strategies is produced by LBM Journal, the leading media brand serving the lumber / building material distribution industry.

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Kevin Hancock at the ChIME Event

In this video, Kevin Hancock is the keynote speaker at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine to discuss spirituality and business. He shares his thoughts on improving the workplace culture and environment to enhance the value of the lives of employees. His philosophy that everyone can help lead the company and be comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas is a major pillar in this enhancement. He finishes his presentation by speaking about his journey to Pine Ridge and his book Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse.

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2017 Featured Speech at Builders Summit in Falmouth, ME

In this video, Kevin Hancock is the featured speaker at the 2017 Builders Summit. Here, Kevin shares the journey he began when his voice began to weaken. He speaks about Pine Ridge and how his time among the Lakota tribe began his healing journey. The lessons he learned there and within himself brought changes to Hancock Lumber. By sharing the leadership burden at Hancock Lumber and dispersing the power to all employees, the company has thrived. The employees feel that their voices are empowered and heard, which increases the value of their time at work.

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2016 Maine Live Event – Kevin Hancock

At Maine Live, 14 speakers told us their stories of integrity, tenacity, and courage. For Kevin Hancock, CEO of Hancock Lumber Company, that story is about losing his voice to a rare neurological disorder and then finding it again after spending time on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. There, he learned an important lesson about power and the individual.

“What if we could create an organization where everybody led? Where every voice felt heard, respected, valued, trusted, and empowered?” – Kevin Hancock

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Using Lean Processes to Improve Your Organization

In this video, Kevin Hancock presents at the Franco Center Chamber breakfast event, speaking about how Hancock Lumber has used lean processes to improve. Kevin defines a lean company as one that is “focused, efficient, accurate, agile, responsive, fun, and constantly improving.” He then shares the ways that he has helped foster these attributes to become a part of the daily culture at Hancock Lumber. He finishes by sharing with the audience how that works to improve and enhance the quality and value of life for the employees.

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