The Inventions Show EP10: Kevin Hancock, CEO Hancock Lumber

I wanted to take a moment to share a recent podcast I participated in on The Inventions Show with host Tack Lee. Here is his excerpt from our chat: Live with your heart not just your head with Kevin Hancock, a sixth-generation family CEO of Hancock Lumber, one of the oldest companies in America which dates back to 1848. An extraordinary leader who is also an award-winning author and speaker. Simply Inspirational and transformational. Kevin shares his incredible journey of self discovery after being diagnosed with a rare neurological condition that made speaking difficult. How he had to think differently and reinvent leadership through dispersing of power. His mission to strengthen the voice of others and come into their own true voice.

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Interview with Kevin Hancock, President & CEO of Hancock Lumber

In this video, Kevin speaks to The Inventions Show host Tack Lee about how he reinvented the way leadership is dispersed and shared at Hancock Lumber. Kevin and Tack discuss how he came to this leadership model in depth, as well as what it means for the employees, the customers, and the company. By dispersing leadership and power to everyone in the company, Kevin aims to enhance employee engagement and facilitate finding self-actualization. He also discusses how the company has handled this change and the path he sees for the future.

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