Shared Leadership with Kevin Hancock

In this video, Kevin Hancock speaks with Deliberate Directions host Allison Dunn about shared leadership and dispersed power. They discuss what prompted his leadership philosophy to change and how the company has benefitted from these changes. He discusses Hancock Lumber’s participation in the Best Places to Work in Maine surveys, as well as the outcome from the information gathered in those.

“When people are participating in the decision making processes, they are much more apt to support those decisions.” – Kevin Hancock

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Citrix Northeast Conference Keynote 2021

In this video, Kevin Hancock is the keynote speaker at the Citrix Northeast Conference. Kevin speaks the shared leadership model, dispersed power, and respecting all voices. Kevin’s ideas on these topics have an immeasurable change on workplace happiness, employee engagement, and the work/life balance.

“Work should enhance life – otherwise, what’s the point?” – Kevin Hancock

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Kevin Hancock at the ChIME Event

In this video, Kevin Hancock is the keynote speaker at the Chaplaincy Institute of Maine to discuss spirituality and business. He shares his thoughts on improving the workplace culture and environment to enhance the value of the lives of employees. His philosophy that everyone can help lead the company and be comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas is a major pillar in this enhancement. He finishes his presentation by speaking about his journey to Pine Ridge and his book Not For Sale: Finding Center in the Land of Crazy Horse.

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Using Lean Processes to Improve Your Organization

In this video, Kevin Hancock presents at the Franco Center Chamber breakfast event, speaking about how Hancock Lumber has used lean processes to improve. Kevin defines a lean company as one that is “focused, efficient, accurate, agile, responsive, fun, and constantly improving.” He then shares the ways that he has helped foster these attributes to become a part of the daily culture at Hancock Lumber. He finishes by sharing with the audience how that works to improve and enhance the quality and value of life for the employees.

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