The Human Race

This article is written by Kevin Hancock and featured on Creations Magazine. He writes about how work needs to have more meaning and a higher calling, instead of just being work. If work can be more fulfilling to the individual, it will bring about a higher sense of self worth and purpose, which will then begin to affect society.

“Humanity must become more productive, innovative, adaptive, and creative in order to manifest abundance for all. But as we strive toward these goals, we must also bring more love and care for humanity into that competitive arena, so that the economic work of advancing humanity is also spiritually rewarding and uplifting.” – Kevin Hancock

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How to Talk to Your Boss About Your New Work-From-Home Challenges

In this article, Kevin weighs in on how to communicate with your manager about balancing work and family. During the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people found themselves working from home and finding the work/life balance very difficult. Kevin highlights that no one is alone in this new struggle. Everyone is in this together and experiencing true disruption. Speaking to your boss about your newfound difficulties is an important part of drawing boundaries.

“Bosses need to hear the truth about what employees are feeling and it’s a disservice to yourself to keep your personal needs on the sideline.” – Kevin Hancock

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Putting Work Back In It’s Place

In this article, Kevin Hancock writes about the importance of having a proper work/life balance. He highlights the difficulties of keeping work weeks to forty hours in the manufacturing industry, but admits there is no denying the benefits of having a balanced life.

“Today I encourage all of the 525 people in our company to expand their lives beyond work and to invest more energy in pursuits that spark their hearts. While being successful at our jobs is essential for a healthy society, life is bigger than work. Today’s complex world needs CEOs who see the big picture of a balanced life, and use advancements at the workplace to free human capacity, not consume it.” – Kevin Hancock

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